Hi! Thanks for checking my website out. I don’t know how you got here, so let me walk you through what this website is about.

I am Dedipyaman Das, a software developer from Agartala, India. I write about software engineering and other related fields. I started this off as a portfolio thing, but I decided that I having a blog would help me express my thoughts better and improve my writing skills.

So, I thought I should start a blog, after failing quite a few times. I plan to keep this one permanent though. I decided to note down my experiences through this blog.

I am trying to get used to markdown, it’s pretty neat. I am building this blog on Jekyll on Github pages, and that did take me some time to set up. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to use something like Wordpress and I sure wasn’t going to build a CMS of my own.

What’s the website all about?

So, I tried to keep the website as simple and clean as possible. I tweaked a few things in the website interface to make it a bit more navigation friendly.

In the projects section, you can find a list of my projects that I have worked on and have been working on.

The blog section (where you currently are) is where I let my train of thoughts go to. I share my ideas, opinions and whatever I think of. Maybe even tutorials.

The about section is really about who I am. It includes my other social profiles and links to find me outside the website.

That’s pretty much it. You might want to view some more useful articles in my blog now. Have a great day!