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  • Contextual exceptions

    Exceptions are beautiful programming constructs that are often misunderstood. They can allow you to effectively deal with cases where your application may fail AND provide a way to recover from it. Although, many don’t seem to understand why and when to really use them.

    Some end up overusing them to an extent that it gets difficult to understand the intent of the program and some (under/ab)use them in all sorts of ways I can’t imagine.

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  • Design patterns - to do or not to?

    When I came across design patterns a few years back, they seemed like a solution to everything. There wasn’t a problem that one of the design patterns couldn’t solve. It was almost analogous to mobile apps. There’s an app for everything these days.

    For those who don’t know yet, design patterns are well defined patterns of reusable solutions that are followed to solve commonly recurring problems in the software engineering world.

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  • Another Pycon, more community

    As I fly back to my university from Chennai after Pycon, I cannot stop recalling everything that has happened to me for the last 3 days. Leaving the Airbnb and going towards the airport wasn’t an easy thing for the mind. I had to pen down what’s been going on in my head for a release.

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  • PHP sucks, can it suck less?

    PHP has garnered a bad reputation in the software market. Many developers hold strong opinions against the language and to some extent, that’s correct. Over the last few years, although PHP has gone through an evolution and is it the same “Fractal of Bad Design”?

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  • Technical debt

    Software development is cursed with an implied cost at any stage, no matter how elegant your solution looks at any point of time. The cost of fixing what you messed up. Humans write code, and code is prone to ugliness. This piles up over time and dealing with it is a challenge every team faces many times in their lifetime.

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