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  • How Pycon India 2018 changed the way I see things

    I was all set up, I grabbed my backpack, put my laptop in and ready to go. We reached the railway station by 4 PM and had the train at 5:30 to Hyderabad. I was excited. Firstly because I was taking a few days off college after 3 months, secondly I am going to visit this Pycon thing which I heard about from my friend Kuntal a few months back.

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  • The engineering addiction

    When I decided to leave Facebook and Instagram for good, more than a year back, I had a valid point- social media was getting toxic. Unbearable. It was growing heavy on me.

    I was having trouble dealing with my priorities, living in a world of lies, where every other person was happy. Their smiles on social media would brighten up anyone’s day.

    They had the perfect life. I was confused.

    How can I be not so happy? Why doesn’t my profile reflect the happiness that they do?

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  • Learn programming in 24 hours!

    Every now and then I come across Youtube videos or ads along the lines of - “Learn programming in 24 hours!” or “Learn React.js in a week”. What’s the rush?

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  • The power of wishful thinking

    As new programmers are introduced to the world of programming, they are often lead into a world of tools called “programming languages” as the first step. While I do believe that the only way to learn how to program is by writing programs, the way one approaches the idea of programming greatly affects the way they are going to write software.

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  • Hello world!

    Hi! Thanks for checking my website out. I don’t know how you got here, so let me walk you through what this website is about.

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